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DevBlog #8

1 month ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 8th DevBlog of Shiva. As Shiva is currently gaining popularity we would also like to say a few words about our next steps.

1. Dungeon Mutations

We are currently working on conceptualizing a dungeon mutation for high level dungeons. As the normal dungeons become less attractive to players over level 95, this will be the new challenge for those players. The work on this has just started now.

2. Wiki Expansion

With the implementation of the new ingame wiki and the related bugfixes we can finally add new entries to the wiki. I hope you can understand that we can't add a lot of new entries after each patch. The processing of a new entry is quite time-consuming.

3. Pet System Changes

After many discussions with the quality management we have come to the decision to change the evolving pet system a bit. No one will have any disadvantages. It is much more an enrichment for everyone. We can't announce the exact changes yet. However, we are working on a more sensible use of the system.

4. Upgrade System changes for the Highlevel

Since the Upgrade system for high level equipment is currently quite unsatisfying, we have decided to make some changes there. We are thinking about creating a balance like it is the case with lower level equipment. This means that upgrade items will be available from both metinstones and dungeon bosses. However, since this primarily affects you players, we have started a poll for this. The poll will ultimately decide if we address this change or if it stays as it is.

5. The beginning on Shiva

An enormous number of players start every day on Shiva. Our task is to keep them as good as possible. Therefore, we have thought about how to make the beginning more comfortable. We have some ideas and will implement them as soon as possible.

Your Shiva Team!